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The Small Player

Playing your Online Blackjack Games coupons on other people's hands (assuming they will play the basic strategy, at least) and using them on double downs and appropriate splits is another way to maintain expected value while loiring risk.

For a single `3 for 2' coupon play the player wins three units 18/38 of the time and loses two units 20/38 of the time for an average squared result of EX2 = 32x18/38 + 22x20/38=242/38. Hence his variance is EXZ-(EX )2 = 242/38-(14/38)2=6.233 squared units. For two partners playing independently at separate times or tables the variance of their combined gamble will be the sum of these two identical variances, or 12.47 squared units.

Whether there is any value in the two 25 cent drink coupons and the 50 cent Chuckwagon buffet discount depends of course on whether you would freely indulge in these activities ire it not for the inducement of the price reduction. But as for me, i had no choice but to use my two drink coupons since i was unable to time my plays at the roulette and Online Blackjack Games tables with the arrival of the cocktail waitress.[C]

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Play More Short-Handed Poker
Many money game players quit if a game gets short-handed. They don't like the game's different nature. If you want to win tournaments, don't be one of those quitters. Stay in the game and enjoy the opportunity to play for a long stretch with only three or four opponents.

Another way to gain this experience is to play a lot of one-table (also called single table) tournaments. These are usually satellite tournaments in brick and mortar cardrooms, but many online poker sites offer regular one-table tournament starting at all hours of the day and night. The advantage here is that you don't have to wade your way through 195 opponents to be 1 of the 5 players left: You only have to get through 4.
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