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The Stage 3 Kiss Count

The Stage III Kiss Count yields 85 to 90% of all that it's possible to gain with some of the most complex count systems that exist today. When using it, you can go ahead and just initiate your running count at all the same starting points as the Stage II Count -- no adjustment is needed. You will still have the betting advantage when your running count reaches "20", but again, these counts will be uncovered even a little more often. When practicing, you'll find that counting down a single deck in 30 seconds will be an even greater challenge, but it remains a staunch requirement.

Also. due to the improved structural precision and therefore more frequent high counts. your betting schedule will be slightly stretched out to keep your overall bankroll risk the same. The chart on the next page outlines a complete and realistic guide for betting your chips with the Stage III Kiss Count:

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ]
Tournament Tipping
In tournaments, players not only should not try to tip after winning individual hands, they may not. Instead, players who make the money do all the tipping. If the casino has not withheld anything from the prize pool for tips, a gratuity in the 3-4 percent range is considered fair. (Note tips should come not merely from the winner, but from all players who cash, although many players who cash for relatively small amounts wrongly feel it's okay to stiff the staff).

Tipping less than 3 percent is considered rather chintzy, while tipping more than 4 percent is rather generous. If in the wake of your long day you have trouble figuring out what 1 percent of your win is and then multiplying that number by three, the tournament staff will be glad to provide a calculator.
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