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The Unfinished Hand

Finally, let the reader be apprised of the possibility of an "unfinished" Online Blackjack Games hand. Many casinos permit the splitting of any ten-valued cards, and of these, some allow unlimited splitting (this assumption isn't vital in what follows if there are four players at the table). imagine a player who splits sixteen tens and achieves a total of tinty-one on each hand by drawing precisely two more cards. The dealer necessarily has an ace up, ace underneath, but cannot complete the hand. By house rules she is condemned throughout eternity to a Dante's inferno task of shuffling the last two aces, offering them to the player for cut, attempting to hit her own hand, and rediscovering that they are the burn and bottom cards, unavailable for playl

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Should You Become a Tournament Specialist?
Most tournament players also play in money games and many money special- ists occasionally dip their toes into tournament waters.

Still, the cold, hard reality is that very few players find themselves equally talented in both arenas. Different technical and emotional skills are required and while many players are good enough to win reasonably consistently at each kind of game, the overwhelming majority find their results tend to be much better at one or the other.

Before you try to decide whether you're likely better suited to tournament or money play examine some of the unique aspects of tournament play presented in the following sections.
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