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Worst Online Blackjack Games Player

Hence it seems unlikely that any but the deliberately destructive could give the house more than a 15% edge. This is only a little more than half the keno vigorish of 26%: the dumbest Online Blackjack Games player is twice as smart as any keno player!

Observations i made in the spring of 1987 shoid that the overall casino advantage against a typical customer is about 2%. The number and cost of players' deviations from basic strategy ire recorded for 11,000 hands actually played in Nevada and New Jersey casinos. The players misplayed about one hand in every 6.5, at an average cost of 9% per mistake. This translates into incidentally, standing with (A,4) v T is more costly by 13% than standing with (3,2). it's only because i've grown more accustomed to seeing the former that i regard the latter as the more depraved act. One player, when innocently asked why he stood on (A,5), replied "Even if i do get a ten (emphasis to indicate that he apparently thought this was the best of all possible draws) i still would only have 16".

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Long-Term Staking Arrangements
Long-term staking arrangements require a great deal more trust between player and backer, because the backer is typically not present for every tournament and/or money game, and has to accept the player's word for the results (receipts help a lot with tournaments; if the staking includes money play, there is little a backer can do but trust).

There are many kinds of long-term staking arrangements. Sometimes the deal is simple: The backer provides all buy-ins to both tournaments and money games for a year. The player keeps good records and updates the backer regularly and at year's end, the two settle up. In a losing year, the backer pays all losses. In a winning year, the duo split winnings according to a predetermined percentage, such as 50 percent. The backer often advances money to the player under such arrangements. At year's end, the slate is cleaned and the duo decide if they wish to continue for another year.
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