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The Cards

Online Blackjack Games is played with standard fifty-two-card decks of playing cards. Early in the 1960s, before casinos panicked over the first successful card-counting systems, the game usually was played with a single deck. Single-deck games still exist today, but multiple-deck games with up to eight decks are more common. When more than two decks are used, the cards are placed in a plastic box called a "shoe." The dealer then slides the cards out of the shoe one at a time. In some jurisdictions, even double-deck games are dealt from shoes.

The cards are valued according to the numbers on their faces-2s through l0s are worth 2 through 10, respectively. Face cards-Jacks, Queens, and Kings are valued as l0s, and Aces may be worth either 1 or ll.

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When to Try a Steal
Why is this art/science (and there are indeed elements of both, as you'll soon see) so important? Although there are certainly many things poker players can do to improve their chances of winning and losing outside of bluffing/stealing (for example, extracting extra bets from your opponents by trapping them with a check-raise, slow-playing a hand, setting up false tells, finding other players' tells), stealing is numero uno. When you get to the bottom line, you find that the only consistent way to get to final tables and win poker tournaments is by winning a fairly high number of pots to which your cards don't entitle you!

If you think about it, you'll soon see that this has to be true. If the player with the best hand always won the pot, the player who caught the best cards on tournament day would win the event. Poker would be a game of pure chance, no more difficult than betting on a coin flip.
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