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Worthwhile to Sell Your Hand
But at what price? If you shouldn't sell your hand for $10, yet you should for $145, at what price did it suddenly become worth selling? The proper way to evaluate this is to figure your average gain by playing the hand out. When you have Online Blackjack Games and the dealer shows an Ace, four times out of thirteen, she will have Online Blackjack Games too, on average. Those four times, you'll tie. The other nine times you'll win $150 for an average gain of just about $104 each. This is the fair market value of your hand -- $104. If you can get more than $104 for your hand, you should sell it. If you can't, you're better off keeping it!

When you take Insurance on your Online Blackjack Games, financially it's the same as selling your hand back to the house for $100. That's too cheap, and is why they offer it at every opportunity! By insuring a Online Blackjack Games, you'll only reduce the amount of money you make on all your Online Blackjack Gamess combined! If you needed a guaranteed winner that badly, you have overbet your bankroll. And if you think turning down a "sure winner" is always the wrong thing to do, you don't understand the working mechanics of profitable gambling. Don't make the mistake the house is counting on you to make. Don't sell yourself short. Don't take "even money" on your Online Blackjack Games!
The Odds Against Getting Dealt Good Starting Hands
Although calculated, sensible aggression is usually the right approach at any stage of a tournament, it becomes particularly important at the final stages. At this point many players will feel that their chip stacks are inadequate to win and they change their goal to hanging on long enough for some ladder climbs. If you've been paying attention to the way your opponents are playing (tightly, loosely, aggressively, passively), you'll know whom to target and whom to stay away from.
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