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There Are Still Several Skills

Practically speaking, these refinements will not be enough to actually give you the upper hand in the overall game. The old axiom still remains true that you simply have to count at least some cards to be an out-and-out winner at Online Blackjack Games. But adding the concepts from this page to your basic strategy play can cut

About 3/l0% off that last 1/2% advantage the casino holds over you. That in turn, will save you money and convert a few of your playing sessions from losers into winners.

This page then, is dedicated to the huge multitude of players wallowing in that vast gap between basic strategy and card counting -- who want more.

The first fine-tuning technique described here won't come in handy very often in today's games, since it applies only to single deck play. But it's still a concept that should be understood by the "thinking" player. So let's get it spelled out right up front.

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Rock Blunts Scissors and Aggressive Players Cut the Passive Players
If you notice that a player has gone into a holding pattern, refusing to play a hand until someone has been knocked out, you can take advantage of the situation by raising this player's blind with any two cards.

Your hand doesn't matter because your cautious opponent isn't going to play with you until or unless he picks up a big hand and that just doesn't happen very often. The odds against getting dealt pocket aces, kings, queens, or jacks-any of the four hands-are 55-1 against, and as you see in the table, the odds against hitting any single one of these hands are much higher.
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