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This Self-Discipline is Mandatory

Now, playing the Ace/10 Front Count to the letter and betting $10-$40-$60, your average bet will also work out to be about $17. But your 1/a% overall edge puts your long range expectation at a profit of around $4 per hour.

Now for the Luck Factor: Yeah, I know all these figures sound trivial and you've experienced swings much larger than a few dollars per hour betting $15 or $20 per hand. The truth about gambling is, luck will play a big part in how you'll do on any given day.

If you play a five hour basic strategy session at $17 per hand, mathematically you're supposed to lose $40. But due to the "luck factor" (statisticians refer to it as "standard deviation'), you're not that unlikely to actually win say, $200. However, you're just as likely to lose $280! Both outcomes are the same distance from your expected result, and each will end up occurring about as often as the other.

Playing the Ace/10 Front Count for the same five hours on a $10-$40-$60 scale, the math says you're supposed to win $20. In reality, anything could happen. But this time, you're just as likely to win $320 as lose the $280 -- and over time, that's what tends to put you on the plus side of the game!

That comparison colors the landscape of gambling about as vividly as We know how to paint it. In fact, We'd be remiss if We didn't keep reminding you that even though you'll have a tiny edge;

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Don't Buy in at the last Possible Moment
The very last players to buy in are often the strongest. They may not wish to commit to a tournament in case an attractive side game starts and are less worried about missing blinds than average players. If a TD hasn't set up enough tables, latecomers may be placed together at a hurriedly-added new table-and they won't be happy about it.

With extremely rare exceptions, players are not "seeded" in poker tournaments as they are in tennis. Table 8 might feature the six strongest players in the field, while Table 9 might feature nine rookies. Random means exactly that.
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