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This Self-Discipline is Mandatory

using such a simple system. And another thing; when you increase your bets from one to four units, do it in two steps. Go to two units on the next hand and then to four on the following one. When increasing to six units, first go two units, then to four and finally to six. This is to not appear to the pit people as though you might have some idea what you're doing. And remember, keep your bets at the prescribed level -- win, lose or draw! This is not a betting progression. You're betting according to your chances of winning the next hand. Whether you happened to win or lose the last one is irrelevant.

Customized Basic Strategy: Now let me put your mind at ease about straying from your normal basic strategy. Remember what basic strategy is. It gives you your best play assuming that 30% of the cards are 10'.s. But what's proper basic strategy for a game like Spanish 21? There, you should actually hit 14 against a deuce! Why? Because in Spanish 21, only 25% of the cards are 10's! It has it's own basic strategy. Well, a four deck pack of cards with 84 or 85 Ace/10's left in it (rather than 80) has its own proper basic strategy too, and it includes all the plays outlined in this page. Let's use the following hand as an example.Normally when you have 12 against a 3. there are five cards (any 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9) that will make you 17 thru 21 for every four cards that will bust you if you hit. That fact combined with the dealer having only four chances out of thirteen to be holding a 12 make hitting this hand a modestly better play than standing. But when your front count is "35", there is a higher proportion of 10's available to bust you and fewer S's thru 9's to make you a hand. At the same time, the dealer is more likely to be stiff with 12. With this shoe composition, you're better off standing!

What's it all Worth?: The Ace/10 Front Count is the flat out simplest way I know of to get a high/low "read" on a six deck shoe. But what can it do for you in dollars and cents? Well, suppose you were say, a $17 average bettor. By that I mean you vary your bets from $10 up to maybe $25 or $30 such that they average out to $17 each. If you play perfect basic strategy at those stakes, your long range expectation is to lose about $8 for every hour you've spent at the Online Blackjack Games tables (not including Online Poker Guru Tips).

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The extra chips come from stacks that got blinded off and then removed.

In some events, the draw resembles a raffle with seat cards that say "Table 4, Seat 6" and "Table 9, Seat 1" actually drawn one at a time from a rotating drum. It's more common in the technological age for a computer to spit out assignments randomly and for a Tournament Assistant (TA) to have a large stack of preprinted random seat slips waiting for players as they check in.

Players get the next seat in the stack when they buy in. The player just behind the fellow who draws Table 3, Seat 7 does not get Table 3, Seat 8 (barring an unusual coincidence). He gets a random seat and is not allowed to ask for a different one.
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