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Tokes for Bosses

According to an article in the 7 October 1985 issue of the Las Vegas Sun, floormen, pit bosses, and the casino manager at the Riverside in Laughlin all get a share of the Online Poker Guru Tips earned by the dealers. Owner Don Laughlin says this system eliminates rudeness toward customers.

Dave Douglas, formerly a dealer at a Strip casino, agrees that bosses who get a share of tokes are friendlier to customers. Douglas once worked at a casino where the dealers agreed to cut the bosses in for a share of tokes. He says tokes increased dramatically and stayed high be-cause the bosses were hustling customers to "show their appreciation" to the dealers. Douglas got a smaller share of the pie when it was sliced to include the bosses, but it was a bigger pie so Douglas made more money when the bosses got tokes. It stopped when the owner found out what was happening and fired most of the bosses. The owner did not like his employees competing with him for the customers' money. The owner also was concerned about the possibility of being cheated; when a big winner is a big toker, bosses sharing tokes have less incentive to inquire into whether the win was due to luck.

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