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Money-Making Opportunities

Over the years casino customers have had many great money-making opportunities. This page describes a few of the best ones that have popped up recently. Something similar may be going on someplace as you read this, and similar opportunities are sure to appear in the months and years ahead.

If you want to find out about money-making opportunities like these as they occur, the best source is the newsletter in which most of these items first appeared: Current Online Blackjack Games News. It is published by Pi Yee Press, 7910 Ivanhoe #34, La Jolla, CA 92037-4511.

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Splashing the Pot and Act in Turn
Splashing the Pot
When you make a call or bet, just place your chips in front of you. Don't toss your chips into the pot. The dealer will count your chips before putting them into the pot to ensure your bet is the correct amount. Just throwing your chips directly into the pot is called splashing the pot because of the bouncing of the chips that usually results. Don't do it. Again, the purpose of the rule is to protect you.

Act in Turn
In hold'em, the action at each betting round begins with the first player to the left of a designated dealer. Each player then acts in turn. Don't act until it's your turn-don't fold or bet early.
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