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Two Types of Error

Commercial systems employing so called "true counts" (defined as the average number of points per card multiplied by 52) produce both types of error. The estimation of the number of half decks or quarterdecks remaining is necessarily imprecise: with 20 cards left unseen some might divide by 1/2, others by 1/4. The relative error in the presumed parameter could thus be six or seven tintieths, 30 or 35%. Published strategic indices themselves have usually been rounded to the nearest whole number, so a "true count" full deck parameter of5 might have as much as a 10% error in it. it is the view of the salesmen of such systems that these errors are not serious; it is my suggestion that they probably are.

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Change Lists
Changing to another table at the same limit is an entirely different procedure. When they have more than one table at the same limit, cardrooms keep a list of players who want to change tables, but the actual procedures for doing this vary widely. In some cardrooms, one of the tables is designated as a "must move" table. If table two is a must move table, then whenever a seat opens at table one, the player who has been on table two the longest must move. New players are always seated at table two. If the cardroom you play at designates must move tables, then you'll probably have to negotiate something with the other players if you want to move before your turn.

In cardrooms that don't designate must move tables, changing to another table at the same limit is still not a standardized procedure. Some rooms keep a formal change list to allow players already seated in a game the option of taking a new seat when one opens up. In most cardrooms, however, the brush will rely on his memory to maintain a change list. Especially if they are busy enough to have more than one table at the same limit, you can count on the brush's memory being faulty. You'll have to maintain some vigilance of your own to make sure you are allowed to move to an open seat-once a new player has been seated it'll be too late. One of the benefits of playing in large cardrooms is that there are often other tables available for a change. When you're seated at a table, always ask the brush to put your name on the change list. You should keep yourself on the list for other limits within the range you're comfortable with. Pick a good table and be prepared to change when the conditions change.
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