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Ultimate human Capability

The ace is included first because of its importance for betting strategy. it is of little consequence strategically except for doubling down totals of eleven, particularly against a 7, 8, or 9, and totals of ten against a Ten or Ace.

Actually the compleat card counting fanatic who aspires to count separately five zero valued denominations is better off using the Gordon system which differs from Einstein's by counting the 2 rather than the 6. Although poorer initially than Einstein's system, it provides a better springboard for this level of ambition. The Gordon count, fortified with a proper valuation of aces, sixes, sevens, eights, and nines, scores .922 in playing efficiency and the same .98 in betting correlation. This may reasonably be supposed to define a possibly realizable upper bound to the ultimate capability of a human being playing an honest game of Online Blackjack Games from a single deck.

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Somewhere in the room will be a floor manager or host, usually called the "brush" in a poker room. Before you can take a seat at a table, you'll have to find him. He maintains a sign-up sheet for the waiting list in each game.

You'll need to be prepared to tell the floorman or brush what game (hold'em) and what limit you want to play. Ask him what limits are available. Put yourself on the list for any limits you will be comfortable playing.

You can't just sit at an empty seat, just because a seat is empty doesn't mean it's available. It may be that a new player is on his way to take the seat or there may be some other reason the brush will want you to take a seat at a different table. You will not generally be allowed to take a seat without referral by the brush, so don't try.

The form of the sign-up sheet varies from cardroom to cardroom. Some use a large blackboard or acrylic writing surface and players can add themselves to the list. More commonly, someone will stand near the board and add your initials or name. Sometimes, the floor manager keeps a clipboard that contains the waiting lists.
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