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Ultimate Point Counts

Having whetted the reader's ravenous appetite for baccarat action, it wouldn't do for me to leave unfulfilled the promise that i would present in this ibsite the most poirful card counting systems for diagnosing the favorability of the baccarat deck. Most of you, undoubtedly, do not have access to computers to guide your play, but casinos smile benignly on the practice of some players to keep a baccarat score card (`table de banque') for determining the next bet. Hence the complicated arithmetic necessary to use my ultimate point counts can be easily carried out with pencil and paper right at the table!

Note that in the very last row i extend the work of Thorp and Walden by presenting the player expectation for the various bets for the full eight deck shoe to one more digit than they published. Such are the miraculous advances in computing in the past 20 years.

Ultimate Point Count Values
Denomination `Player Bet' ` Bank Bet' `Tie Bet'
A -1.86 1.82 5.37
2 -2.25 2.18 -9.93
3 -2.79 2.69 -8.88
4 -4.96 4.80 -12.13
5 3.49 -3.43 -10.97
6 4.69 -4.70 -48.12
7 3.39 -3.44 -45.29
8 2.21 -2.08 27.15
9 1.04 -.96 17.68
T,J,Q,K -.74 .78 21.28
Full Shoe % -1.23508 -1.05791 -14.3596

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large board
If you see a large board that looks as if it might be a sign-up board, go to it. You should find a floor manager nearby. If you don't see such a board, look for a podium either near the front or middle of the room. If all else fails, just ask someone where to sign up for a game.

Whenever you're in doubt about something, don't hesitate to just ask whoever is available. Since every cardroom has a slightly different sign-up procedure, you won't be identifying yourself as a novice by asking. Even the most experienced player may have to ask if it's his first visit to that particular cardroom. You'll usually get a receptive reaction to questions from players and employees alike.

Once you've signed up for a game, don't leave the cardroom area without first telling the brush. Some cardrooms will give you a beeper to carry if you intend to wander to other areas of the casino. Sometimes, they'll page you over the casino loudspeaker. Some of them are even starting to keep computerized lists shown on monitors scattered around the room. If you don't tell them you will be out of the area, many cardrooms will simply cross your name off the list if you don't quickly respond when your name is called. It all depends on the procedures in use at the particular cardroom.
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