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Ultimate Point Counts

How do i use these numbers? Very much like any Online Blackjack Games point count system. Suppose you want to monitor the `Bank' bet. Begin the shoe with a running count of zero and then add the point values for all observed cards to maintain an up to date running count. Naturally, `add' means `subtract' if the value is negative. To estimate the instantaneous expectation of the `Bank' bet at any time thereafter, merely divide your current running count by the number of unplayed (or unobserved) cards remaining in the shoe at that instant. Use the resultant quotient to adjust the full deck expectation of -1.057919%).

Example: Suppose the first hand out of the shoe uses a 3 and 4 for the Player and 9 and Jack for the Bank. Our running count is 2.69 + 4.80 - .96 + .78 = +7.31. Now, don't plunge into the `Bank' bet just because you have a positive count! Rather, divide it by the number of remaining cards, which is 416 - 4 = 412. You estimate the `Bank' expectation to be -1.05791 + 7.31/412 =-1.04016%,so the shoe is not quite ready for us.

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Initial View of the Room
When you walk into a large cardroom for the first time, it can look chaotic at the initial glance. The noise and the people can be disorienting at first. Relax, it'll soon just be part of the scenery for you.

Most rooms have a railing that separates the playing area from the waiting area of the cardroom. It's often a good idea to spend a few minutes standing at the rail, just getting an overview of the room. Don't stand right next to a table unless the rail is separating you from it and don't stand directly behind a player. It bothers some players.

The particular procedures involved in getting into a game are not standardized-they vary from room to room. The specifics will depend on the room. Don't hesitate to ask a cardroom employee if you are unsure of a procedure.
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