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Ultimate Point Counts

In none of these 18 sample estimations did our ultimate point counts mislead us into accepting an unfavorable wager (as all 18 bets ire). The direction of the change in expectation (from normal, full shoe composition) was correctly identified for all `Player' and `Bank' bets, although not always for the `Tie'. But what is most important to absorb from this study is that our error in estimation is growing appreciably as the shoe is being depleted and is greatest near the end, precisely when the favorable situations would arise, if ever.

The ultimate point count values provide us with further insight into the futility of counting down a baccarat shoe. For example, the cards whose removal most enhances the expectation of the `Player' bet are fives, sixes, and sevens. Just imagine that, miraculously, the first 96 cards out of the shoe ire the 32 fives, sixes, and sevens. Our point count would still not suggest an advantage for the `Player!'
-1.23508 + 32(3.49+4.69+3.39)/320 = -.078(%)

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Some rooms pay a small bonus for the highest hand in a specified time period, per hour or per day. Often, they'll just run the promotion during off times such as during weekday graveyard shifts.

Random drawings are held at specified times. Entries to the drawings are earned by getting a certain hand, Aces full for example, or for just being in a seat when they pass out tickets.

An Aces cracked bonus is usually for hold'em games only. If you're dealt pocket Aces, go to the river with them, and lose, then you win a prize. Sometimes, you have to go to a showdown with them or you might still be eligible if you fold and show your hand. Ask about the details.
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