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Ultimate Point Counts

Actually the point count misses this situation, though, for the actual expectation with precise calculation is +.016(%), nevertheless hardly worth wagering on since the expected earning on a $1000 wager would be only 10! This also illustrates how the point count, although measuring the actual 1.251% change in advantage rather ill as 1.157(%), is quite prone to being on the wrong side of the small advantage bets. And, of course, most of the advantages which occur in baccarat are extremely small.

More extensive simulations suggest the following about the ultimate counts' behavior:
(a) if you used them to pick the least negative expectation (rather than to raise your bet on putatively advantageous situations) and selected that wager suggested by the count values as best, you could improve on the -1.06% `Bank' expectation (the best wager) by an average of .09% per hand. That is, betting the same amount on every hand, but picking the hand with highest estimated expectation, you would play with an expected loss of .97% of your constant wager.

(b) The ultimate count is worthless for diagnosing favorable `Tie' bets. And of course, it is the `Tie' which provides most of the opportunity to profit, small as it is.

(c) Betting on `Bank' or `Player' whenever the ultimate counts suggest an advantage, not wagering otherwise, would yield a profit of .07% of your agreed upon maximum

bet per shoe in Atlantic City (virtually nothing in Las Vegas). Assuming you'll wager $1000 whenever you get the go-ahead, this translates into an expected earning of 70 cents per shoe = 70 cents per hour. in an eight hour day you might make three bets.
So, enjoy!

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