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Winning Faster

Your bet is not lost until the dealer picks it up. If the dealer errs in your favor, keep the money. Never cheat, but never give money to the dealer. Of course, if the dealer makes an error in the casino's favor, speak up and get it corrected.

Look for gifts. The dealer is not supposed to show you either the card on the bottom of the pack or the burned card (i.e. the card turned under). Enough dealers are careless, however, to make it worthwhile to look at the pack after it is cut. Seldom will you see both the bottom card and the burned card, but you will occasion-ally see one or the other. Whatever you see, you count.

In some casinos, a dealer showing a 10 must check the hole card to see whether it is an ace. If the dealer has to look twice or extra long at the hole card, it may be because the hole card is not easily distinguished from an ace. When this happens, a dealer is likely to have a small card such as a 2 through 6 in the hole, which would make the dealer's total twelve through sixteen. If you know for certain that the dealer has a total of twelve through sixteen, get as much money on the table as possible and do not take a chance of busting; i.e. split all pairs except 5-5 and 10-10, double down with eight, nine, ten, eleven, and any soft total, and stand on hard twelve or more. If you are not positive but merely think that the dealer is likely to have a small card in the hole to go with the 10 showing, you should be more likely to stand with hard fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, or soft eigh teen, and more likely to double down with ten or eleven. What you do in a particular instance depends on your judgment as to how much information the dealer has unwittingly given you. See Steve Forte's Read the Dealer, Ian Andersen's Turning the Tables on Las Vegas, and my Basic Online Blackjack Games for more discussion of "tells."

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Many Players Seem to Miss These Points Entirely
They play in satellites because they believe the satellites are smart ways to gain cheap entry into more expensive tournaments.

In reality, playing satellites is a profitable practice if you are good at playing satellites-they are an art form unto themselves. There are quite a few players who play satellites for hours every day, never intending to play a single main tournament because they know their abilities in playing main tournaments are marginal.

These players know how to play correctly in ultra-fast satellite action and tend to be excellent deal negotiators, too, knowing how to play on opponent fears of coming a long way for no return.
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