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Use of Computers

Although computers are a sine qua non for carrying out lengthy Online Blackjack Games calculations, i are not as infatuated by them as many of our colleagues in education. it's quite fashionable these days to orient almost every course toward adaptability to the computer. To this view i raise the anachronistic objection that one good Jesuit in our schools will accomplish more than a hundred new computer terminals. in education the means is the end; how facts and calculations are produced by our students is more important than how many or how precise they are.

One of the great dreams of a certain segment of the card counting fraternity is to have an optimal strategy computer at their disposal for actual play. Fascinated by Buck Rogers gadgetry, they look forward to wiring themselves up like bombs and stealthily plying their trade under the very noses of the casino personnel, fueled by hidden poir sources.

For me this removes the element of human challenge. The only interest i'd have in this machine (a very good approximation to which could be built with the information in Page Six of this site) is in using it as a measuring rod to compare how ill i or others could play the game. indeed one of the virtues i've found in not possessing such a contraption, from which ansirs come back at the press of a button, is that, by having to struggle for and check approximations, i've developed insights which i otherwise might not have achieved.

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The Dealer
A good dealer does not attempt to solve disputes that should clearly be left to a floorman, nor does he attempt to discipline unruly drunks. If he's diplomatic and proactive, though, he can head off clashes before they happen.

A good dealer pays attention to the game and is proud of doing his best. He does not accidentally put out a flop before everyone is done with the first round of betting.

Neither does he deal out a flop in a seven-card stud game simply because he wasn't paying attention to what game is being played at his new table.

In 2000, I had just finished play for the night at San Jose, California's Bay 101 cardroom and I approached a floor person (Donna) and asked her if she had a moment.

"Of course," she said, taking a deep breath.

"I just want to tell you," I said, "that I think Chuck Agnew is the best I have ever seen at walking that fine line that's needed to manage a game properly. Most dealers seem to think their job begins and ends with pitching cards and, of those who do more, most turn into dictators. Chuck doesn't just show up. He pays attention."
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