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Deck Approximations

As mentioned in page Two, a "total dependent" basic strategy will yield an expectation slightly loir than these figures, .04% less for a single deck. The method of interpolation by reciprocals suggests that the player would lose about .01% from applying a total dependent strategy in a four deck games. in an infinite deck there is no distinction betien total dependent and composition dependent strategies.[B]

in casinos where the surrender rule prevails those who do not live by the warrior's code and are willing to raise the white flag should be guided by the following chart. See page 123 for
adjustments to the basic strategy player's overall expectation.
Number of Decks for Basic Strategy Surrender

My method of counting the distinguishable subsets of size n was to cycle through the number of tens, t, in the subset. Then i used a recursive generation of the number of subsets of size n-t which could be formed using only the nine non-ten denominations.

Thorp recommends a more elegant technique.

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Chopping the Blinds
The "no flop, no drop" rule has led to a practice in some states called chopping the blinds. If everyone, except the blinds, folds, the two blinds will often agree to chop. This means that each blind takes his money back. This practice deprives the house of a rake on this hand and because heads-up pots tend to be small, often the players would rather move on to the next hand and not incur a rake.

You're under no obligation to chop as long as you're consistent. No one will object if, when you first sit down, you announce "By the way, I just want everyone to know I don't chop." That way, there can be no question of wrongdoing if, the very first time the situation arises, you happen to find yourself holding pocket aces. If you agree to chop the blinds when you first sit down (and that's when you should ask or be asked-things can get a little dicey if you wait until the potential situation first arises), you should chop every time.

When you are a cardroom rookie, you might do well to avoid chopping the blinds until your face is a bit more familiar. Although no house rule prevents players from reneging on an agreement to chop, it is considered one of the lower, more disreputable plays in poker.
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