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Using an Alias

I used to use my own real name in casinos. One negative thing I personally have noticed about using my real name in casinos is: When I wanted to write a website about Online Blackjack Games, I had to select a pen name. If I could do it over again I would have used a false name in casinos so I could use my real name on my websites.

One problem you might have in using an alias is forgetting who you said you were. And even when you remember who you are supposed to be, you sometimes might be slow in responding to someone calling you by name. A person ought to know his or her name well enough to be able to recognize it immediately if someone uses it.

A solution is to use only names of relatives and good friends. You can use the same few names over and over. Generally I use the name of my grandfather on my mother's side, a brother-in-law, or a neighbor. Now I never forget who I am supposed to be.

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Position involves two concepts: where you sit with respect to the dealer button and where you sit with respect to a particular player.

Position relating to the dealer button has already been discussed in the hold'em and Omaha chapters (2 and 4).
Position also refers to where you sit in relation to a particular player.

In general, you want wild gamblers and those who bet with abandon to your right. Then you have position on them. You want to have position on calling stations ( players who call bets with questionable holdings and who rarely raise). Money generally flows in a clockwise direction around a poker table, due to the dynamics of position.

Everyone has an edge on players to their right because they get to see what those players do before having to act. This edge promotes this flow of money in the same direction, from the player on your right,
to you, to the player on your left: clockwise.
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