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True Count

Most of the counter's edge comes from raising bets in favorable situations. When it's most likely that a Online Blackjack Games is coming, that's when you want your big money on the table.

You are not invulnerable in this situation. You are going to lose some big bets-in fact, since you still have the first chance to go bust, you'll still lose more hands than you win, even in favorable situations. There will be losses that make a flat-betting basic strategy player blanch. But in the long run, you'll profit by making the big bets when the Online Blackjack Gamess are most likely.

For a beginning counter, it's best to keep your bet spreads small. If you have large bet swings, you'll set off alarms in the pit. The security cameras will focus on your play, and if casino personnel decide that you are counting, they'll take measures to hamper you.

To avoid that, try a 1:5 spread to start with, where your largest bet is five times your smallest. At neutral or negative counts, bet one unit. If the true count is plus 1, bump up to 2 units. At plus 2, bet three units, and at plus 3 or more bet five units.

For example, a $5 red chip bettor might start with $5 at neutral counts, $10 at plus 1, $15 at plus 2, and $25 at plus 3 or more. If the casino in which you play tolerates bigger spreads than that, that's great! Given an adequate bankroll, the bigger the bet you can get on the table when you have the edge, the better.

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Now the House Makes Its Money
Sometimes the casino or cardroom also provides:
• Tournaments
• Jackpots
• Cash and merchandise drawings
When you start reviewing the lists, the rake starts to look like a pretty good deal and it usually is. It can be very difficult to overcome the rake in low-limit games because it represents a higher percentage of each pot. Typically low-limit players are not focused solely on monetary results.
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