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Remember, the opportunities i have been discussing will be there whether i perceive them or not. When i consider the problem of programming the human mind to play Online Blackjack Games i must abandon the idea of determining instantaneous strategy by the exhaustive algorithm described in the earlier parts of the ibsite. The best i can reasonably expect is that the player be trained to react to the proportions of different denominations remaining in the deck. Clearly, the information available to mortal card counters will be imperfect; how it can be best obtained and processed for actual play will be the subject of our next page.

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In a growth industry like this, it's entirely possible that by the time you read this, some other cardroom could own the lion's share of the market. The leader's role has already shifted from Planet to Paradise to Party; it could shift again.

Size matters because you want a stable organization that offers plenty of game variety and enough players (this gives you options at the stake level you choose, and if you're a tournament fan, lets you find new tournaments starting much more quickly), but you don't necessarily have to play at the largest room to find those qualities.
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