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Necessary to finish a Hand

"He balanced fives against tens"
Carl Sandburg

At the beginning of page Three it is argued that the expectation on the second hand dealt from a single deck must be the same as that on the first hand because i are guaranteed that the second hand always can be finished before the pack runs out. But what about subsequent hands which may or may not require the pack to be reshuffled in order to finish them? Will their expectation (using, of course, the same full deck basic strategy) be the same as the first hand's? Off hand it seems possible, if not likely, that this would be the case, even though the means of proof used in page Three is no longer available.

i've discovered that a useful method to study Online Blackjack Games questions of this type, which involve dealing patterns, is to contrive small decks of cards for which the number of possibilities is kept manageable. Then an exhaustive analysis may suggest the true state of affairs and, possibly, a direction of proof if one exists. Toward this end, let us imagine a "deck" consists of nine cards of which three are fives and six are tens. Our game will be ordinary Online Blackjack Games with the exception of forbidding pair splits.

Elementary calculations like those on page 22 show that, for the full nine card deck, the player's best strategy is to double (5,5) v 5 and otherwise stand with all totals of 15 or higher. The corresponding "basic strategy" (for so i shall refer to it) expectation is 5.95%.

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A Large Cardroom Usually has One Shift Manager and Several Floormen
Each floorman is in charge of several tables. The floorman seats arriving players, brings deck and setup changes, answers questions, settles disputes, arranges table changes, and ensures the decorum of his section. Sometimes he sells chips and keeps a seat change list, although those functions are handled by other employees in some casinos. If a situation arises that the dealer can't or shouldn't handle, the dealer calls the floorman to the table. A good floorman is often already present when such a situation comes up.
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