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Necessary to finish a Hand

One suspects there must be some sort of restorative force gravitating toward the full deck advantage, so let's look at a third hand, begun with whatever is left for play after the second hand is finished (this sort of continuous dealing was used until recently at the Nevada Club in Reno - the play itself decided when the dealer reshuffled). True enough the player's advantage rises on the third hand, but only to 4.48%, not as high as for the full deck. Subsequent hands in this continuous dealing process have the following expectations:

Hand Number Expectation (%)
1 5.95
2 .36
3 4.48
4 .62
5 3.66
6 1.30
7 3.08
8 1.74
9 2.74
10 1.99
11 2.55
12 2.13
30 and all thereafter 2.31

So the player's long run expectation, with this mode of continuous dealing, is 2.31%, less than half the expectation for the full deck!

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Play More Short-Handed Poker
Many money game players quit if a game gets short-handed. They don't like the game's different nature. If you want to win tournaments, don't be one of those quitters. Stay in the game and enjoy the opportunity to play for a long stretch with only three or four opponents.

Another way to gain this experience is to play a lot of one-table (also called single table) tournaments. These are usually satellite tournaments in brick and mortar cardrooms, but many online poker sites offer regular one-table tournament starting at all hours of the day and night. The advantage here is that you don't have to wade your way through 195 opponents to be 1 of the 5 players left: You only have to get through 4.
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