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necessary to finish a Hand

Certainly few, if any, people play blackjack from our nine card deck ("5 & 10" or "Woolworth" blackjack i might call it!). Nevertheless the example is valuable because it demonstrates the futility of casting about for some alternative proof that the third and subsequent hands from a normal blackjack deck would have the same expectation as the first and second. it's almost certain that they do not, although the actual alteration in expectation is unlikely to be as dramatic as what i have observed in our contrived small deck.

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If you plan on visiting online poker card rooms just mouse clicks away on your computer, you won't find those wild-card home poker games you and your cronies dreamt up for your Tuesday night sessions. But you will find seven card stud, Texas hold’em poker games, Omaha, and even five-card draw poker games on tap. The first rule to becoming a skillful player is to only play poker machines that return your bet if you have jacks or better (rather than two pair). From time to time, casinos offer machines that pay on tens or better which is an even better bet for the poker player. Now that's a real greening - a card game Capone or the con men from The Sting wouldn't even recognize.
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