Card is Upcard

Axel Freed says: On day shift at a large Las Vegas casino, I encountered a dealer who twice turned up his second card (instead of the first card) after considerable fumbling.

The first time he had 10 up and a 4 in the hole. The second time the upcard was again a 10, so I stood with fifteen. This time the hole card was 5, and I won the hand.

In a situation such as Freed describes, what the dealer did is against the rules and dishonest. However, it may yield information on which you can capitalize. For ex ample, suppose the dealer looks at the first card before turning it over. If the first card is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 the dealer looks at the second card. If the second card is ace or 10, the dealer turns up the second card instead of the first card. Suppose the dealer is otherwise honest.

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Poker Lore
One of the strongest arguments against multitasking is that if you do go on tilt, your money will evaporate just that much faster. You'll have twice as many opportunities to throw your money away.

Finally, you can also tire more rapidly, because you have to make both more decisions and more rapid decisions. The old Romans had it right: a sound mind in a sound body. Poker players aren't famous for their physical stamina or exercise regimens (eating poorly and all that sitting doesn't help, either), and the odd, irregular hours that frequent players endure often lead to sleep disorders. The more you can do to keep your body in good shape, the sharper your Mind should be.
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