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Who Barred You?

What can you do if you want to play at a table (perhaps after seeing a big excess of small cards), but every spot is taken? One pro checks out the players at the table to see if any of them appear to be proficient. If he sees someone he thinks is also a counter, he quietly tells the counter that his action is no longer welcome! After the counter vacates his seat, the pro sits down and plays!

I certainly am not advocating that you bar counters to get their seats. But if you are barred yourself, you ought to be aware of the possibility that the person asking you to leave might be other than a casino employee!

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The Most Famous Ladder Climb in Poker History Came at the 1993 World Series of Poker
First place was to pay $1,000,000, second $4?_0,000, and third $210,000. With such a huge difference between second and third place, observers assumed that the leaders would wait until one had knocked out Cozen before risking a major confrontation.

On the fateful hand, Bechtel was dealt 6-6, and Bonetti A-K. The flop came K-6-4, giving Bechtel three sixes and Bonetti top pair, top kicker. All the chips went in with Cozen cheerily awaiting the outcome. Bechtel's set of sixes held up and Cozen's tiny stack of no-cash value tournament chips had suddenly become worth a very real $420,000.

There's no absolutely correct way to approach these situations. In the Bechtel-Bonetti confrontation, if Bonetti had held K-K instead of A-K, each player would have been completely correct to risk his entire stack, even with Cozen still loitering around. Three of a kind is a hugely powerful hand with only three players remaining. Final tablists must simply stay aware of the risk-reward ratio and balance a possible missed ladder climb against an outstanding opportunity to collect enough chips to ensure a huge payday.
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