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Win Every Day?

Can you hope to improve your skill at Online Blackjack Games to the point where you can walk up to a Online Blackjack Games table and always walk away a winner? No. Absolutely not. You cannot win every day. You cannot hope to win regularly or steadily. You cannot hope to win consistently.

Suppose you play 400 hands of Online Blackjack Games every day for six days. Suppose you bet $100 on one hand every round and have an average advantage of 0.75%. (This would be a good games!) Your expectation is to win $300 per day (0.75% times $100 times 400hands), or $1800 in six days, but you cannot hope to win $300 every day. Your six-day total might be considerably over or under 51800 - you could very easily end up a big loser.

Now suppose that your six-day win just happened to exactly equal your expected win of $1800. What day-to-day results would you typically experience getting to this total? You can get the answer from a table of areas under the normal curve. Your standard deviation on one hand is about 1.1 bets. Therefore, your standard deviation on one day's play is about $2200 (1.1 times $100 times the square root of 400).

How Tournament Structure Affects Betting Pace
If you see that you'll be forced to post the blinds in two more hold'em hands, you would be correct to raise all-in with a mediocre hand like A-2 off suit. It's better to get your money in while you at least hold an ace than to post it as a blind and risk trying to survive with whatever weak random hand might show up next.

Although sophisticated opponents know that short-stacked players must raise with any decent hand, it's still better to get your last chips in raising than as a blind. No one may have the cards or desire to play Sheriff and you have some chance to win without a showdown. Experts take extra risks to avoid this position. They'll take their shot raising when they still have enough chips to be viewed as a threat.
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