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You may wonder whether betting exactly the same amount each hand hour after hour and day after day might be interpreted by casino personnel as unusual behavior. It has never attracted any attention to me.

You may vary your bet size if you wish, but be sure to do it in a manner that is not suspect. Do not appear to bet bigger because the pack has turned more favorable. You want to be mistaken for a gambler. A lot of gamblers bet small when they first sit down at a table and bet bigger after they have been at the table for a while. You may do this too if you wish. For example, bet half your standard bet on the first hand you play at a table, then go to your full standard bet on the next round if you stay.

You can usually switch back and forth between one hand and two hands without attracting attention. For example: When the pack is profitable, bet two hands; when it is neutral, bet one hand; and when it is lousy, walk away.

If casino personnel watch you closely in an effort to discover why you hop from table to table, you could give them a reason for what you do. For example, you could leave a table only when the count is negative and you have just lost a hand, and never leave a table after a win. Your expected win rate will be reduced slightly if you play occasionally when the cards are unfavorable, but the offsetting benefit is that the pit bosses will attribute your table-hopping to your losing a hand.

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You Double Your Pleasure, but Do You Double Your fun?
- Computer software deals cards and awards pots (and when necessary, splits pots) far faster than any human dealer can.

- Because players can use pre-selected action buttons, many hands move along quickly. If five consecutive players preselect "fold in turn," good software folds their hands so quickly, it appears that all five have folded simultaneously.

- B&M players occasionally take a minute or two to decide what they want to do with their hands. Online players rarely get more than 20 seconds. (There is a nice trend for tournament software to allow people a "time bank," a period of perhaps a minute total that people can use a little here and a little there for the occasional very difficult decision.)

- Players can't waste time asking for deck changes, "an extra good scramble," or cause a need for a new deck by accidentally or intentionally marking or crimping a card.
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