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A reader who wants to be called J. S. says: While walking through a casino, we paused at a $25 single-deck table where a player had a large stack of greens in front of him. The dealer was shuffling. we stood and watched and after the third round had been completed, we had a true count of +6. we placed two greens in the box for the next hand. we was dealt a hard nineteen against the dealer's up card of a 5. The dealer turned over a 10 and hit it with another 10. At this point the count had dropped to -1, so we picked up our winnings and started to walk. The dealer looked at our with a big question on his face. we responded to his unspoken question: "we are really a $5 player. Why press our luck?" He laughed, as did the pit boss who was standing nearby, and we laughed. Of course, we was not laughing at the same thing that they were!

Another reader says: we have found that pure Wonging it just does not work for our for several reasons. First we are too much of a degenerate gambler and simply enjoy playing too much to exercise the discipline of getting up and leaving the table whenever the count gets bad. Also, pure Wonging does not seem practical for use on a junket. However, we use a modification that has been suggested by other authors, which seems useful. Specifically, we do not sit down for our usual hour of play until the shoe hits a true count of close to +1. we jump in, get our marker, and play two hands of $75-$100 each. we stay put for about an hour, betting $50 to $300. we manage to have one "call of nature" when the count goes strongly negative during that hour. we also end our play on a shoe that has turned negative. This approach thus far appears to attract no heat.

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Kill Game
Form of poker where stakes double if one player scoops consecutive hands of more than a certain minimum size. Such games are sometimes played in half-kill form, where stakes increase 50 percent. The player whose wins created the kill typically must post a special big blind at the higher stake and often (but not always, so check local rules) acts in last position for the first betting round.
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