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A reader asks: Is it better to Wong in at any plus count or to wait until the count indicates at least a 1 % advantage?

If the count indicates a zero advantage and you play anyway, you will be adding to your risk but not to your expected win. But you might find that playing only when your advantage is large attracts unwelcome attention. For cover you probably will want to play some hands at less than a 1 % advantage. In shoe games we play whenever we have any kind of advantage at all, and sometimes when we have a disadvantage but the count is zero or positive. In single deck we even tolerate negative counts if the game is fast and the dealer is giving good penetration.

A reader asks: Does the terrible disadvantage of the bad rules at multiple decks in downtown Las Vegas and Reno affect the Wonging flat bettor?

You probably should avoid all games where your disadvantage right after a shuffle is more than 0.5%, unless you have something else going for you, such as fabulous penetration.
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In a social game, when a player doesn't have enough chips on the table to continue playing a pot, he withdraws chips (lights) equal to the bet amount from the pot, rather than putting them in, and stacks them before him. Doing so is going light.
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