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A reader says: Following your advice means a lot of standing and watching, which gets our a cut we cannot live with. When the count per deck gets to -1, we always leave; but we have found that to keep from being identified as a counter we must make some bets at neutral or slightly minus situations. Otherwise we must jump about like a grasshopper, and a 260-pound grasshopper attracts attention. Thus we often place bets at tables with counts per deck less than +1, or even negative. What we need is a bet ratio that will allow our to gain an edge while playing and waiting for a high count.

On negative counts: If you cannot bet zero, then bet the minimum you can get away with.

Today's casinos have seen many card counters Wonging from table to table playing only positive counts. Casino pit bosses are aware that it is a winning technique. They are watching for it, and when you come in and use it yourself they might catch on quickly to what you are doing. So you may not want to use pure Wonging.

Of course you want to use techniques that give you an edge. But it is better to use a technique that nobody else is using. Then the people who are watching you do not know in advance what you are up to. They may see you win and suspect you are up to something that gives you an edge, but make them watch you for a long time to figure it out. You should try to play only positive counts as much as possible. For sure the first hand you play in any casino should be on a positive count. Whenever you leave the table the count should be negative.
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On The Other Hand
If, on the other hand, you try to steal from late position, there are fewer opponents to deal with. The only problem is that the players whose money you are trying to steal are likely to be aware that your raise has a better chance to be a steal raise because you have position.

Unfortunately for them, you're still going to have a positional advantage on them for the rest of the hand. If they think you're stealing and want to play back at you, they're going to be forced to act first for the rest of the hand.

As a result, you want most of your steal attempts to come from late position. You should throw in an early position steal attempt occasionally so you don't become predictable. The other advantage of trying to steal from early position is that players won't expect it. They'll give you credit for having a good hand and will only play with you if their own hand is strong. This makes it much easier for you to know when you should give up your steal attempt and fold.
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