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Wonging Shoe Games

As mentioned earlier, the effect on your win rate is the same as if cards already dealt but not counted were behind the cut card and would not be used. For example, sitting down to play in a six-deck game with one deck cut off and one deck already played but uncounted is the same as sitting down at a six-deck game with two decks cut off. Six decks shuffled and one cut off is playable, but six shuffled and two cut off is a waste of time unless the rules are so good that you have an edge with basic strategy alone.

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The Dealer
A good dealer does not chatter unnecessarily (especially with just one player in the game), watch the game on that huge TV across the room, chew gum, need a shave, or look ungroomed.

A good dealer manages the game but does not micromanage. He gives the players leeway without letting them get out of control. As soon as one player acts, a good dealer does not a fraction of a second later jab his finger at the next player while saying testily, "It's up to you, sir; what do you do?" He especially does not do this to someone who clearly knows it's his turn. But if the player is daydreaming or a newcomer, he does gently let the player know it's time to do something.

A good dealer does not attempt to solve disputes that should clearly be left to a floorman, nor does he attempt to discipline unruly drunks. If he's diplomatic and proactive, though, he can head off clashes before they happen.

A good dealer pays attention to the game and is proud of doing his best. He does not accidentally put out a flop before everyone is done with the first round of betting.
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