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The second quantity is what i shall term `opportunity'. For any deck level (number of unplayed cards), define the opportunity to be the average amount of profit which can be gained by the player who wagers precisely one unit whenever the deck is favorable and nothing otherwise. Opportunity, then, is the sum of the products of positive advantages and their associated probabilities. A normal approximation to the distribution of linear estimates of advantage has been applied in page 6 to estimate opportunity by use of the Unit Normal Linear Loss integral. i will compare the actual opportunity encountered in Woolworth Online Blackjack Games to its UNLLi estimate by presenting the latter in parentheses, following the exact measurement of opportunity.

The following chart presents correlation and opportunity figures for subsets of various sizes from both the single deck mentioned and an eight deck shoe (160 fives and 256 tens). The full eight deck expectation with the single deck strategy is -1.46%.

What is unexpected in the results is that the UNLLi estimate is much better than one would suppose, considering that it is based upon a distribution known to have smaller standard deviation than the distribution which is being approximated. A display of the entire regression function (with its linear approximation in parentheses) will shed light on the matter. I present such data for 13 and 39 card subsets of a single deck on the next page.

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"Don't tap on the aquarium."
Find out something about your neighbors and engage them in conversation if they seem interested. Many players are there for companionship that they couldn't find elsewhere and they don't mind paying for it in the form of losing a little.
Don't pry, but be pleasant. If you discover something that interests the player to your right and you know something about that topic, talk about it. Of course, don't disrupt the game and don't talk to your neighbor when she is involved in a hand.

Because your "new friend" probably likes the sound of his own voice more than he likes the sound of yours, ask questions and listen to his answers. Popular attendees of cocktail parties and therapists know that, by being good listeners, they can appear to be the best conversationalists in the world. Most people don't mind losing to someone they see as kind and respectful.
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