Get More Total Dollars


That's because 8 hands at $70 each is $560 in action, but 5 hands at $100 each is only $500. The more players there are at the table, the more there is to be gained by going to two hands with positive counts! And if you go to three hands, then $60 each rather than one $100 wager is a good number.

If you're playing heads up though, stay with just one hand through your strong counts! Multiple hands here will use up more cards per dollar bet -- and you don't want to do that. Finally, remember this. On a "plus" count, if it appears the last round is coming up, you should go to 2 or even 3 hands regardless of the number of players! That's because you'll now be sucking an extra hand or two out of the pack that you never would have gotten.

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Another name for the loose-passive player is a calling station
Loose-passive players also congratulate themselves on the mystery in their games. Their opponents can't read them because they don't "give away" their hand's strength by raising. They'll trap players for bets that a raising player would have driven out.

Of course, they'll also allow players who have drawing hands to stay in at the right price to hit their draw and beat them, but the loose-passive player just figures that's poker-a classic form of gambling where one wins when one gets lucky and loses when one gets unlucky. The concept of "making one's own luck" just isn't part of their thought process.
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