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2 or 12

These numbers can be made individually in only one way, and the correct odds against either one is 35-1. Since the house only pays 30-1, it has an advantage on this bet of 13.89 percent. In some casinos, this bet is paid off at 30 for 1, or 29-1 (the same thing) and in these clubs their edge is a whopping 16.67 percent. No matter which casino you play in, avoid making this bet.

When to Try a Steal
One of the single biggest reasons why most players lose is that they overestimate their abilities. It does you no good to be the tenth best Seven-Card Stud player in the world if you take the eighth and final seat in a game featuring the world's top seven players. You can't choose to change tables in a tournament, but you can choose to avoid tournaments that feature too many star players (usually the more expensive events.

You'll almost certainly have to steal a fair number of pots to make it into the last two tables, but it becomes more important as you near the end for two reasons: First, there's more on the line. When you enter a $100 buy-in tournament, you never like to lose, but if you get knocked out early, you feel like you've lost only $100.
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