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3 or 13

These numbers can be rolled individually in only two ways, and thus the true odds against either number is 17-1. The
casino pays off at 15-1, giving it an edge of 11.1 percent. In some greedier casinos, the payoff is at 15 for 1, or 14-1, raising the house edge to 16.67 percent. This bet should never be made

To Double Your Pleasure, Triple Your Draw
Even limiting the game to six players, discards often must be shuffled and then used. As you can imagine, discarded cards tend to be high cards, but aren't always high because players must discard half of a small pair. Triple draw is sometimes played as one of the choices in a mixed game.

Players are dealt five cards, followed by a betting round. After the first betting round, players discard, and there is another betting round. Players discard a second time and a third, each followed by a betting round. After the last betting round, cards are shown down.

Position is arguably more important in triple draw than in any other form of poker. Not only does a player in last position see how the players before him bet, but he also sees how they draw and he sees this three times. This is a game of the nuts and you should rarely play if you can't draw to the nuts. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to play this game like single-draw lowball. Hand values here are completely different
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