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Aggressive System Right Bettor

Whether a player bets right or wrong is a personal choice one has no inherent advantage over the other. With right betting, players often find themselves taking many small losses waiting for that hot roll which will more than compensate for the losses and give them a monster win.

Betting wrong, on the other hand, means winning small amounts of money many times, only to sustain a big loss if a hot winning or passing roll develops. There are safeguards built into our system to prevent a really large loss, as you will readily see. Most people prefer to bet right; they don't like the idea of putting out more money than they'll receive back if they win their bet. All right bettors take odds at better than even money, while wrong bettors lay odds at better than even money.

It's a matter of choice. We suggest that you be able to go either way. You'll know when a table you're at is cold, because no points repeat and sevens quickly wipe out the right players' bets. Sometimes, on the other hand, a table is running hot and numbers come up continually. Why fight the tide? To be a smart player is to be alert to the dice and the games. Dice can't be forecast, of course, but at times you can see which way the games is going. Be prepared to go either way with the dice, whether they're running hot or cold.

Some very solid players, such as Nick the Greek, were wrong bettors. Betting against the dice has no stigma attached to it. The house is betting wrong most of the time when it Sites the right bettors, who make up the vast majority of players at any craps table. If you feel comfortable betting against the dice, don't mind the dirty stares from the players at the table who hate wrong bettors, especially when the dice are cold. Bet to win. Bet with your feelings and use your senses to see what is happening at the table, and you'll come out ahead in the long run.

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In Serious Games, the Banker is Well Advised to Buy Unique Chips
If you play with cheap plastic universally available chips, it's too easy for someone to buy matching chips before arriving and slip some into the game. Because the banker has promised to redeem all chips for cash at settle-up time, he can get stuck paying out more than he took in.

Sometimes a particular player might not pay up at the end of the session, promising to do so at the start of the next session. There usually is an understanding that the player will not be allowed to participate in the next session until he makes good on his debts of the previous session.

In serious games, strictly cash is usually the rule, although a well-known player's check may be accepted, as well as any checks he guarantees. In some games, the players may all know each other well enough to accept each other's checks. Checks become more desirable if the stakes are high enough for the players to fear a robbery (called a bijacking)
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