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Aggressive System Right Bettor

Here's how the basic winning strategy works for wrong bettors:

-- Whether the table permits single or double odds, always lay single odds, since the 0.2 percent differential isn't sufficient to make up for a short losing streak which might quickly deplete your bankroll.
-- Bet two units on don't pass and lay single odds on any point.
-- Make two don't come bets or enough don't come bets to establish two don't come numbers. Then stop betting.
-- If a don't come number repeats and you lose that bet, make one other don't come bet. If you lose a second don't come bet, stop betting. Do the same thing with don't pass. If one don't pass bet loses by repeating, make only one more bet on

the don't pass line. If that lows by repeating, stop making don't pass bets until the shooter sevens out, no matter how 1mg that might take.

This is your safeguard against a hot roll wiping you out by destroying your bankroll. Should you lose all your don't come bets and don't pass bets, stand back and patiently wait for the hot roll to end. Don't fight the hot roll; that is the death of all wrong bettors.

Should you win your don't pass net, increase the bet by one unit and then make all your don't come bets matching the three-unit don't pass wager, still laying , single odds.

For example, if your don't pass bet was won by the shooter severing out, and you now bet three units on the don't pass line, your don't come bets will also be in three units.

Should you keep winning during a cold roll of the dice, increase your basic unit bets by only one unit at a time, matching the don't pass bets with the don't come bets. One unit will be sufficient because your odds bets will be double that unit increase in some cases, and this can add up to big wins in no time at all.

If a don't pass bet at a higher unit base is lost by a repeating point number, revert back to the two-unit don't pass ° bet and work your way up again.

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To Your Credit
When the player's chips are all in the pot and betting still continues, can a player still continue to bet or be forced to call?

In social games, a player may put his wallet behind his chips, signifying that he guarantees never to run out of chips during the play of a particular hand. This also can cause problems and is a practice that should be discouraged. There's no guarantee that the wallet contains sufficient cash to cover any pot that might arise.

Some games permit going light, but this causes more problems than it's worth. Just as is the practice in serious games, it's better to insist on table stakes. If a player wants to have sufficient chips to play the next hand, he should buy more chips before the start of that hand.
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