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Aggressive System Right Bettor

This method has been tried many times in casino play and has proven to be a winning one. It doesn't fight the dice and attempt to throttle hot rolls. You work along with the games, taking your profits slowly but surely. Since you're always laying odds and putting out more than you'll ever get back, you want to increase your bets carefully.

When betting wrong, you can have only one number knocked out by any single roll of the dice when a don't pass or don't come number repeats. The right bettor, on the other hand, is always fearful of the 7 wiping out all his bets at one time.

The reason most wrong bettors don't come out winning, even when they have a good thing going for them, is that they get greedy and attempt to overcome a hot roll by betting larger and larger amounts after every loss. They fight that hot roll until they're completely tapped out.

One principle you must always follow in gambling, no matter what games you play is this: Never increase bets when losing, only when winning. In other words, if you've lost a previous roll of the dice, don't increase your wager. Only when you've had a previous win should you take your bet. If you follow this principle, you'll be breaking the back of a casino with their own money. That's tough playing and smart betting.

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Keep the Record Straight
If you keep your records contemporaneously with your playing, you might consider also keeping a log assessing how you think you played. Write down plays that did and didn't work, mistakes you might have made, and patterns and tells you picked up about other players.

You can keep your log in a small spiral-bound notepad that fits in your pocket. Or you might maintain a database of players on a PDA. You might keep track of how they play when winning versus losing, in what situations they're most likely to have the goods or bluffing, whether they get looser or tighter right after winning or losing one or more pots, any mannerisms or other tells you might have picked up. Maybe T J. Cloutier and Phil Hellmuth, Jr. can keep all that information on every opponent they've ever had in their heads for years; I know I can't.
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