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Analysis Best Craps

New come-out roll: 4 $15 win on come bet of 4

Because come bets work all the time, the player has won the $15 on the 4 as a come wager. But since the odds bet is off on the come-out roll, it was returned to the player when the 4 was taken down, without any payoff on the odds bet. Now the player has only one come bet working, the 6, so he makes another $25 bet in the come box.

Next come roll: 10 $25 and $25 odds
Next come roll: 10 $75 win on come bet of 10 with odds

The 10 is taken down and paid off to the player. Now he must make another come bet. Since the previous bet was five
its on the 10, he bets six units or $30, putting it into the e box.
The player is permitted to bet five units as an odds bet when his come bet was three units and the come number was a 6 or 8, Since the gambler has two come bets working, he stops betting again.

Next come roll: 5 No decision
Next come roll: 12 No decision
Next come roll: 6 $55 win on come bet of 6 and odds.

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To Your Credit
If a player asks, "How deep are you?" he is in effect asking, "How much money do you have on the table?" This question might arise because the players usually own chips of mixed denominations and the highest denomination chips aren't always easily visible, although they are supposed to be. Knowing how deep an opponent is can affect many strategic decisions.

In serious games, you may see a player put a wad of bills behind his chips. This would be the case in an extremely large game (where $100 bills are usually the only currency allowed on the table so that opposing players can estimate how much money their opponents have). It's usually good practice to convert all cash to chips. This way, when someone wants to know how deep an opponent is in a pot-limit or no limit hand, he doesn't have to slow the game by asking for a count. It's much easier to eyeball a stack of chips than a stack of bills, even if you know the bills' denomination.
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