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Analysis Best Craps

The 6 is taken down, and the player makes a $30 or six unit bet in the come box, since the 6 had been bet with five units.

Next come roll: 7 $30 win on come bet.
$80 loss on come bet on 8
$50 loss on pass-line bet on 4

The shooter has sevened out, and the roll is finished. Let's summarize the wins and losses.

Total wins $280
Total losses $130
Net win $150

If the shooter hadn't rolled a 7 and the point had been made gain, the pass-line bet would have been raised to six units. For purposes of raising bets, each come and pass-line wager is treated separately and is raised only when repeated.
It may be that, during a hot shoot, some of the bets will be at nine units, while others will be at five or six units. Each come bet is a separate entity in this system, for only when the come bet is repeated can the next come bet be increased. The same holds true for the pass-line wager.

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Most Home Games are Dealer's Choice
A winning strategy is to choose dealer-advantage games when it's your turn to choose. Games dependent on position have built-in dealer advantage because the dealer gets to act last.

Forms of draw poker top the list because you get to see how many cards the others will draw before having to make your own decision. You also get to act last on each of the betting rounds.

The best dealer advantage games:
- High draw poker
- Lowball (both single- and triple-draw)
- High-low draw
- Hold'em
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