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Analysis Best Craps

We're going to cover four systems in this section; two for the right bettor and two for the player who bets against the dice. Of the two methods of betting shown for each kind of player, one is a basic system and the other a more aggressive one, but each gives the bettor the best chance of winning.
The Basic System for Right Bettors
Since we want to give the house a minimum advantage on all bets, the basic strategy is limited to two kinds of wagers pass-line and come bets, both with maximum odds. The system works well with either double or single odds, but double odds are always preferable. When betting with double odds, we'll use a basic betting method of two units. With single odds, three units.
We'll use three units with single odds because the casino allows a bet of five units as a free odds bet if the point or come number is a 6 or 8, and four units if the point or come number is a 5 or 9. This extra odds bet reduces the house advantage and gives the player the best opportunity to make maximum profits.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
The poker players games may then pick up their cards and arrange the cards into two-card low hand and five-card high hand.

This is the most important rule to remember when playing pai gow online poker games: The five-card hand must be higher than the two-card hand.

Each poker player games is responsible for arranging his cards into the best high and low hands. Once this is done, the players place their two hands face down on the appropriate area of the layout (the two-card low hand is placed closest to the dealer, and the five-card high hand is placed behind the low hand and closer to the player).
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