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Introductory Strategy

For don't bettors (novices and veterans alike), I recommend going up one or at the very most, two don't come numbers per shooter. If you lose one or both bets, wait for a new shooter before risking money again. Forget the don't pass bet completely. When you are up on a don't come number, the shooter sevens out for you to win. On the pass line, the shooter could have a streak of sevens and elevens, and this streak could damage you badly. By playing only one or two don't come numbers per shooter, you're assured that a hot shooter can't hurt you by making number after number. Only give a shooter one crack at you on the don't side and you'll find that you can last a long, long time.

Regardless of your betting plan, the fact remains that craps is a negative expectation games. Even with the good bets that outlined above, if you were to play until hell froze over you would , lose every penny you had! Thankfully, none of us can play so long. In the short run, by keeping the house edge low, by sizing your bets properly, and, Yes, by enjoying a little luck, you stand an excellent chance of winning. The next time you are in a casino, belly up to the craps table, and "rattle them bones"!

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How Should You Declare?
There are many good arguments in favor of declaring low! If your opponent only has a full house, why would he declare high when he's staring at four of a kind? If he declares high, he can beat your four deuces. If he goes low, thinking he must do so to avoid losing to your quads, you win if he had a full house, but lose the whole pot if he just had three kings (his K-Q-x-x-x low will beat your 2-2-3-4-7 low). You'll also lose the whole pot if he gets fancy and goes both ways with just three kings because the fact that your high beats his doesn't matter. Because you declared low only, your high hand is irrelevant. Obvious decisions are not always so obvious in declare form poker!
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