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Any 7

This wager gets hardly any play, since even the densest of craps players realizes intuitively that it's a terrible bet. Here's why. There are six ways to make a 7 out of 36 combinations of dice, and the correct odds paid on this bet should be 36-6 or 5-1. Since the house pays either 5 for 1 or 4-1 (the same thing) it has a staggering edge of 16.67 percent over the player.

Avoid this bet at all costs.

Omaha, More Than Any Form of Casino Poker, is a Game Where You Often Need the Nuts to Win
. For this discussion, assume that with a paired board, the nuts is the top full house. Also assume that with an unpaired board, the nuts is the ace-high flush (if suited cards appear) or the top straight. Many hands will be won with something less, but when you're staying in on a draw, you'd be wise to be drawing to the nuts.

Similarly, if a board finishes with three cards of one suit, it's quite likely that someone has a flush. If the flush becomes possible because the turn and river fall in suit, it's slightly less likely that someone will have a backdoor flush, and if someone does have it, it's not as likely to be the nut flush.
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