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Any Craps

At the bottom of the center layout is the any craps bet. The craps numbers are 2, 3, and 12, and the chances of rolling any of these numbers are 4 in 36. Therefore, the correct odds against this wager are 8-1. The casino pays only 7-1, giving it an advantage over the player of 11.1 percent. Never make this bet.

What You Can Represent is Almost as Important as What You Hold in Stud
A player whose board (exposed cards) looks weak needs very good hidden strength, because his opponents are almost certainly going to attack. Similarly, a player whose board, appears threatening can and should put his opponents to the test. It's entirely pos -,hat by betting a visible king, you may be able to get an opponent to lay down a I pair of queens-especially if no other kings are out.

There are few hard and fast rules about stud strategies, because the hands are so context-dependent. Still, there's one principle that has served stud players well for decades. If you decide to play on fifth street where the bet levels have doubled, you should probably play on through the river.

Even this rule isn't absolute. If your opponent pairs his doorcard and that pair is higher than the highest pair in your hand, you might consider giving up on sixth ;street. If you were drawing at a heart flush and on sixth street everyone catches a heart except you, it might not be worth continuing your draw.
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