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Betting Tactics Advantage Craps

Three betting alternatives are described, each depending on the level of risk you wish to take:
Basic: The pass-line betting tactic
Moderate Risk: Place betting the 6 and 8
Aggressive: Covering all the numbers

The assumptions for each of these are (1) that you are "grooved in," throwing in the advantage zone with a SRR greater than 6.5; (2) that you are playing with a 100-unit bankroll, and (3) that your basic bet size is one unit. If you're playing at a $5 minimum table, you must have at least $100 -in your bankroll. I will use the $5 and $500 assumption in the examples that follow.

Let's Do the Twist
Five-card high-low stud with a twist is a form of five-card stud. After each player has been dealt one hole card and four up cards (each followed by a round of betting), each player has the option of replacing one of those cards. Replacing a card in this fashion is called the twist. An up card is replaced with an up card and a hole card with a hole card. After the twist, there is one more round of betting and then a declaration.

In most games, the high hand starts the betting, including the first round.

In most high-low split games, going for low is the optimal strategy for two main reasons. First, even little cards can turn into full houses. Second, you can also end up with a hand that can declare both ways, such as a low straight or flush. In this game, though, starting out going for high is a more viable plan: A great high start can't be busted, while a great low start can. A pair or face card midway through can easily ruin a good start. You do have two chances to repair the damage, given the twist, but it still is hard to end up with five good low cards out of six.

If you go for low, both your starting cards should be lower than anything showing or your up card an ace through five and your hole card no higher than a seven. For high, you should start with a pair or an ace together with a card higher than any showing.
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