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Place Betting the 6 and 8

Step 3
Continue to more your place bet up one unit as you make each pass-line number. That is, after you make two points (two pass-line- wins), increase your bet from two units or $12 to three units or $18 on the neat 6 or 8 hit after your third pass-line number is established. Sevens on the come-out roll do not count for increasing your place bets, only for establishing and then making your pass-line number.

Step 4
Let the next place-bet win on the 6 and/or 8 finance your next bet increase up to $24, or tour units. To reach this step, you would have made three pass-line numbers; now you are working on your fourth. A possible point of confusion is when 6 or 8 is your point, winning the pass-line (making a pass-line number of 6 or 8), collecting on your pass-line win, and then throwing a non-six or -eight on your next come-out roll.

Let's say you're at Step 4, you make your point of 8, you have an $18 place' bet on the 6, and you roll a 5 as your new point. How much do you place bet on the 8?

Conservative bettors should toss the dealer $6 and say, "Make my 6 place bet look like $12 each on the 6 and 8." The dealer takes $6 off your 6 place bet, combines it with the S6 you just tossed her, and places it on the 8. Sure, you're backing off a little, but that's okay. Keep it simple and keep your focus on your rhythm roll.

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And That's #70 for Mark McGwire!
In a stadium, baseball is often a wild game, figuratively. At the poker tables, Baseball is a wild game, literally. The numbers three (strikes), four (balls), and nine (innings) are important on the diamond and they also have special significance in this poker game.

Baseball, like many home games, is a variant of seven-card stud. Threes and nines are wild. A nine is always "free," as is a three in the hole, but a player dealt a three face up is, "hit" with a penalty. The penalty differs from game to game.

In most variations, a player dealt a three face up must either immediately match the pot or fold. Although poker novices frequently pay the pot-matching penalty, figuring their wild card will give them a great chance to win the pot, this is almost always wrong. There are too many other wild and extra cards in the game. Unless the three gives you an almost certain winner (like a high five of a kind), fold.
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