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Place Betting the 6 and 8

Aggressive bettors should place-bet the 8 for $18 and finance it out of their winnings accumulated up to Step 4. Another aggressive option for this betting tactic is to press the 6 and 8 on every other hit; for example, roll a 6 and will $7; roll another 6 and press your bet to $12; roll another 6 and win $14; roll another 6 and press to $24, and so forth. The 8 works the same way.
After you win a pass-line bet, there will be a little time available as the dealer pays off the other pass-line winners. Use this time to note your place bets and decide what to do on the next come-out roll. As you get experienced, this process should only take a few seconds. Then return to your focus on the rhythm roll.

You can also use this time to segregate your winnings into the back rack and, of course, decide on your next pass-line bet, with the odds you will take depending on the point rolled.

There are two "racks" or "rows" in front of you on the craps table. It is prudent to keep your buy-In chips in the front rack as "working capital" and move your winnings to the back rack. But, again, I stress not to get caught tip in handling your chips and managing your money to the detriment of focusing on your next roll.

Notice how the other players organize their chips the next time you’re at the craps table. Some do not organize at all, and you see a rainbow of white, red, green, and even black $100 chips all mixed together. Others carefully organize their chips by color; some segregate their winnings to carefully organize back rack. But don't spend too much time fiddling with your chips. Rhythm rolling and focus, not chip handling, is always your top priority; you can count your winnings after Non seven out.

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